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Providing Lebanese growers with seed varieties of the highest genetic quality

Quinta Group is proud to provide Lebanese growers with seed varieties of the highest genetic quality, enabling them to produce more yield with less input, minimum environmental impact, and better quality. 

Greenhouse farming is a sustainable growing method as it consumes fewer land and water resources, optimizes solar resource, and produces less crop waste while preserving the ecosystems and wildlife. 


“We provide seeds and services that meet farmers’ challenges.”

  • We collaborate with multinational breeders to bring a wide range of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, squash, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, onions, spinach, beetroot, rocket, endive, chicory, fennel, etc. 
  • Our new and improved varieties are cross-bred and selected based on favourable traits such as flavour, shape, colour, yield, and robustness, in line with the needs throughout the whole chain—from growers to consumers.
  • We provide farmers with vigorous, strong, and resistant plants, including innovative hybrid varieties that can thrive even in challenging growing conditions.
  • We operate in the high-value commercial sector of hybrid vegetable seeds. With a focus on quality, we supply advanced bred varieties and help growers overcome multiple challenges, from insects and diseases to the effect of drought, heat, and cold on crops.
  • We pursue innovation worldwide and we research, develop, and test local materials to deliver the best tools to our customers.

Our Trial Stations

Quinta trial stations, located in Batroun, Bekaa, and Akar, allow us to learn how practices, products, and equipment will perform in farmer cropping systems. Every trial station’s premise is to evaluate production procedures under real-world growing conditions.
Our experts are always conducting tests and exchanging data from multiple sites and years in order to better understand weather and soil variability and develop the best solutions, resulting in increased farmer profitability.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We share our developed expertise and digital information with our clients in order to ensure a better agricultural system with innovative, high-quality crop yields, products, and services.Growers, chain partners, and consumers have access to vegetable varieties with key resistances, enabling them to all benefit from safe, sustainable production as well as high-quality crops. Our seeds, in conjunction with our nursery, allow us to provide farmers with the healthiest plants.



We are here to help

Seeds are very sensitive to the extremes of over watering and under watering. Excessive water and poor air circulation will cause a fungal infection often referred to as damping-off. Cover trays with plastic wrap to keep the moisture level constant. In addition, heavy-handed watering can disturb newly germinated seedlings. Securing plastic wrap over the surface of a freshly sown seed pot can help to keep the moisture level constant. However, the pot must still be checked daily for moisture and germination.